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The Period Junction Conferences Summery

March 7th and 8th 2020

Become Part of Larger Community Post- Conference

Discussions on Intersection of Religion & Menstruations

Networking with the Leaders in the Field

Moving in a Sustainable Direction

How to Engage Men in Discussion

Efficiency of Menstrual in Schools

Improve Workshop


Dr. Sowmya K
MBBS,MS,OBG,Consultant Obsterician and Gynaecologist

Dr. Dayani Raju

Kalvi Karunanithy & Preethi Shivakumar
Cloth pads a visible menstrual absorbent for women and girls form low income backgrounds?

Dr. Birupakshya Dixit
Radio Enabling Period Talk :Girls from city Slum Opening the Window for the Rest

Reema Anand & Devika Jaysseli
"TURNING THE RED STIGMA TO GREEN Towards Sustainable Menstrual Huggiene Mannagement:"

Jayeeta Basu , Nandhini nataraj & Monisha Ravi
"Awareness,Access,Usage and Disposal in the Nilgir Biosphere reserve (NBR)"

Dr. Brunda N k
School absenteesism and restricted activities during menstruation among adolescent school girls .

Sabna E.S
Ph.D,"Perspectives of school Going Adolescent girls on Menstruation in Rural rajasthan"

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