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Director's Note

Seva – a Sanskrit word that means ‘selfless service’ is the inherent human quality that moves us to empathize with others. When I was studying to be a doctor, I had the opportunity to serve in the rehabilitation efforts of the 2004 Tsunami. Working in the wake of its incredible destruction, I knew then that my calling was to do seva. It did not matter where or how, or what I got in return, seva became my goal.

For ten years now, this personal commitment to seva has been made possible through a host of national and international organizations. The decade-long journey has led me to work with a sea of diverse people and places. I wish to express my gratitude to family, friends, various communities for giving me the opportunity to serve and all the organisations I have worked with, for having faith in me, and allowing me to incubate my ideas.

A new phase begins!

Journeys grow exciting with every turn, and the road to seva is no different. Armed with all the experiences I have assimilated and lessons I have learnt, it is time to take things to the next level and I am thrilled to announce the beginning of this new organization: The DoctorsForSeva Aarogya Foundation.

There’s no time like now…

This new chapter will work to involve more people in our efforts in a structured and holistic manner. Partnerships and collaborations, volunteerism and de-commodification of the healthcare system are central to our modus operandi. Governments, international agencies and charitable foundations are paying greater attention to the physical and mental wellbeing of their citizens. There is also increasing awareness of good health and its critical connection to economic development and people’s happiness. So now, more so than ever, Aarogya Seva has a large and pivotal role to play.

Together, we can!

There is a synergy in collaborative efforts that amplifies everything we do for those in need. Volunteerism, in various ways, will be the key driver to achieving our end objective – de-commodification of the healthcare system so every individual has access to quality health and healthcare.

We choose to work completely impartially, meaning all our choices are based on the needs of the patient and in the spirit of seva and volunteerism – a principle which is enshrined in ancient Indian traditions, international humanitarian law and medical ethics. Commitment and dedication from passionate volunteers, both medical and non–medical, will be the key to the success of this new organization. If it weren’t for the immense support of the volunteer family, scripting our success stories will be impossible. I hope you will be inspired to support Aarogya Seva and join us in our common mission of providing health for all and making Aarogya Seva a global movement that is driven by the spirit of seva!

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