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Shaping the future of tech4Health

Venue : I- AIM Healthcare Center Campus, Yelahanka, Bangalore. 

Imagining a comprehensive all-in-one platform for preventative, diagnostic, curative and emergency digital, PoC and other Health Tech solutions

Hackathon Date: May 26th - 28th 2023

Hackathon Overview


There is a significant need in healthcare now for interoperability.  While everyone agrees this is an issue, even what we mean by interoperability is ambiguous.  The interoperability challenge includes the absence of consistency, and lack of standardization for receiving, sending, and managing the data between various healthcare systems. There is also the added difficulty in making use of this data in analysis and measurement.



Solving this challenge will allow for

  • Better clinical outcomes for the providers and patients
  • Better Business outcomes for Industry stakeholders
  • Better Community outcomes for Changemakers and Social Impact Investors
  • Better Socio Economic Outcomes Governments and Investors by uniting the staggeringly disconnected Digital health/Tele Health/Med Tech Ecosystem

Registrations are open Now

Join the Tech4Health hackathon this January, hosted by MIT hacking medicine and AaroygaSeva to imagine and build solutions to solve this complex problem.Work with others on solutions that will lead to a radical paradigm shift.


While large strides have been made in the field of Digital and tele health solutions, it’s become clear we’re all working within our own bubbles. In the current scenario interoperability and data sharing is a major challenge resulting in incomplete understanding of an individual’s or population’s health needs leading to poorer outcomes, higher costs and transferring the burden of consolidation onto the patient. Our approach enables individuals in the field to have the ability to share their expertise, knowledge and experiences with one another, while consolidating individual patient and population data, leading to a radical paradigm shift.

Expected Outcomes

Tech4Health is a comprehensive end to end Platform that brings integrated and interconnected OneHealth access to Healthcare Providers, Patients, Hospitals, Pharma, Diagnostics, Start-Ups, Academia, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Researchers,

At Tech4Health we want to enable an interconnected and consolidated digital data sharing model simultaneously uniting the movers and shakers in this post-covid watershed moment to share experiences, research findings, opinions, and initiatives

Through this hackathon, it is our mission to create the groundwork for the movement to grow stronger as one.

Be a part of accelerating and making a significant contribution.

Organizing Team

Laura Kent-Davidson
CEU Coordinator

Kavya B V
Design Consultant

Elizabeth Ann Mcelligott
Event Planner

Dr. Yves-Moliere Jean-Louis
Marketing and Outreach

Research Assistant

Mentors and Speakers

Padma Shri Dr Darshan Shankar
VC, Trans Disciplinary University

Neeraj Jain
Country Director, PATH

Sanjeev Malhotra
Nasscom CoE IoT and AI

Nureen Das
MIT-India, South Asia Managing Director, MISTI

Jonas Brunschwig
Consul General, Consulate General of Switzerland in India

Ananad Sivaraman
CEO, Remedio

Sridhar Ramanathan
SVP. IKP Knowledge Park

Dr Bhaskar Rajkumar
Program Director, ArtPark

Shankar MS
Co-Founder Quantascend Consulting CFO – Good Nutrition Pvt. Ltd

Mahesh Vinayagam
CEO and Founder qBotica Inc

Gautham Pasupuleti
CEO, BioDesign Innovation Labs

Dr Kris Vijay
Clinical Prof. U of A

Dr Abhishek Appaji
Asst. Prof. BMS College of Engineering


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