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Integrative Approaches to Global Community Health (IAGCH)

Conference Chairs
Dr Dayaprasad Kulkarni

Founder and Director, AarogyaSeva

Dr Sean Hesler

Executive Director, Naturopaths Without Borders

Organizing Secretary
Melissa Lopez

Conference Date: Dec 4th

7 am -6:00 pm PST

Conference Overview


IAGCH’s vision is to inspire a group of multidisciplinary professionals & students to share their best practices in integrative health with other professions so they can incorporate them to benefit the larger global and community health sectors. IAGCH will be a cornerstone for advancing integrative health for those who most need it and can least access it.


To bring together a groups of motivated, committed and inspiring Integrative medicine practitioners who can pioneer the use of this interdisciplinary practice in the field of community health. 

Registrations now open

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The stakeholders for this conference are everyone involved in global and community health, including but not limited to students, multidisciplinary health professionals, biomedical engineers, and public health advocates.

Expected Outcomes

By the conclusion of the conference, we expect that attendees will have engaged in a session outside of their field and generated ideas for how that information can expand their own field’s toolkit. In addition, we foresee the formation of a community of like-minded, diverse, students and professionals who will move forward on collaborating on projects for their field. Ideally, IAGCH will be a self-funded conference. The accumulation of enough sponsorships and donations will be able to help further the missions of both NWB and Aarogya Seva.

IAGCH strives to inspire new projects that advance access to integrative health for underserved communities. The intention is to stimulate students and multidisciplinary professionals to take an active role in helping communities, including boosting volunteer participation.
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Organizing Team

Laura Kent-Davidson
CEU Coordinator

Kavya B V
Design Consultant

Elizabeth Ann Mcelligott
Event Planner

Dr. Yves-Moliere Jean-Louis
Marketing and Outreach

Research Assistant

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