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Aarogyaseva is an international, humanitarian volunteer organization that is dedicated to provide quality healthcare services to affected communities worldwide.

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    • 11 Mar 2014
    • 11 Mar 2024
    • Multiple Locations and Virtual

    Micro- Volunteering is a beautiful concept pioneered by our founder Dr Dayaprasad Kulkarni, that empowers and enables everyone irrespective of age, gender, race, educational qualification, geographic location, special abilities - to perform seva or to volunteer. The progressive and diverse opportunities matches your skills, time commitments and interests with the right projects where you can contribute meaningfully to make an impact. 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and find out how you can make a difference today. You can collect your seva hours and build your seva profile as you go. 

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    • 4 Dec 2022
    • 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM (PST)
    • Virtual

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    International Conference on Integrative Approaches to Global Community Health (IAGCH-22)

    IAGCH’s vision is to inspire a group of multidisciplinary professionals & students to share their best practices in integrative health with other professions so they can incorporate them to benefit the larger global and community health sectors. IAGCH will be a cornerstone for advancing integrative health for those who most need it and can least access it.


    • Sustainable Menstruation and Reproductive Health

    • Mental Health

    • Physical Medicine

    • Real World Examples and interventions

    • Technology in Integrative Practice

    Conference Chairs

    Dr Dayaprasad G Kulkarni

    Founder and Director

    Dr Sean Hessler

    Executive Director
    Naturopaths Without Borders

     Organizing Secretary

    Melissa Lopez

    NWB Board Member and Volunteer

    • 20 Jan 2023
    • 5:30 PM
    • 22 Jan 2023
    • 5:30 PM
    • Bangalore, India

    January 19th - January 22nd 2023

    Venue: Trans Disciplinary University Campus, Bangalore

    Imagining a comprehensive all-in-one platform for preventative, diagnostic, curative and emergency digital, PoC and other Health Tech solutions

    There is a significant need in healthcare now for interoperability.  While everyone agrees this is an issue, even what we mean by interoperability is ambiguous.  The interoperability challenge includes the absence of consistency, and lack of standardization for receiving, sending, and managing the data between various healthcare systems. There is also the added difficulty in making use of this data in analysis and measurement.

    Solving this challenge will allow for

    • Better clinical outcomes for the providers and patients
    • Better Business outcomes for Industry stakeholders
    • Better Community outcomes for Changemakers and Social Impact Investors
    • Better Socio Economic Outcomes Governments and Investors by uniting the staggeringly disconnected Digital health/Tele Health/Med Tech Ecosystem

    Join the Tech4Health hackathon this Jan, hosted by MIT hacking medicine and AaroygaSeva to imagine and build solutions to solve this complex problem. 

    Work with others on solutions that will lead to a radical paradigm shift.

    While large strides have been made in the field of Digital and tele health solutions, it’s become clear we’re all working within our own bubbles. In the current scenario interoperability and data sharing is a major challenge resulting in incomplete understanding of an individual’s or population’s health needs leading to poorer outcomes, higher costs and transferring the burden of consolidation onto the patient. Our approach enables individuals in the field to have the ability to share their expertise, knowledge and experiences with one another, while consolidating individual patient and population data, leading to a radical paradigm shift.

    Tech4Health is a comprehensive end to end Platform that brings integrated and interconnected OneHealth access to Healthcare Providers, Patients, Hospitals, Pharma, Diagnostics, Start-Ups, Academia, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Researchers, et.al.

    At Tech4Health we want to enable an interconnected and consolidated digital data sharing model simultaneously uniting the movers and shakers in this post-covid watershed moment to share experiences, research findings, opinions, and initiatives

    Through this hackathon, it is our mission to create the groundwork for the movement to grow stronger as one.

    Be a part of accelerating and making a significant contribution.

    Renowned MIT and other International Faculty

    300+ Interdisciplinary participants participants from across the country

    Mentoring by Industry and Domain Experts

    Field Immersion and Prizes

    Post event Mentorship

    Competitive selection for scholarships

    Representatives from Winning Teams get an opportunity to Pitch at MIT Campus in Boston


    1. Discovery Platform for Healthcare Technology - the global healthcare system is a diverse space with numerous devices, services and technology that is dynamically changing by the minute. There is an urgent need to aggregate, discover, disseminate, and interpret these heterogenous services through a personalized contextual process. This track will focus on addressing this challenge.  

    2. Overcoming the challenges of interoperability in Healthcare - While large strides have been made in the field of Digital and telehealth solutions, we are still working separately.  Interoperability and data sharing is a major challenge resulting in an incomplete understanding of an individual’s or population’s health needs leading to poorer outcomes, higher costs and transferring the burden of consolidation onto the patient. This track will look at ways to overcome this challenge and find ways to Consolidate real time healthcare data analytics

    3. Integrative Food Solutions for Mass Personalization - At the frontiers of nutrition science it has become evident that due to the immense variability in our genetic, metabolic and physiological responses to food, uniform recommendations on healthy food are not adequate. This track will focus on finding n innovative integrative knowledge architecture for development of personalised food which is the need of the hour.  

    If you are a student or young professional interested in participating in this event please fill the application form by clicking the link below. For all other enquires email events@tech4health.org

    If you are a seasoned professional, subject matter expert, entrepreneur or mentor, please sign up below: 



    • 14 Feb 2023
    • 8:30 AM
    • 22 Feb 2023
    • 12:30 PM
    • Majuli, Assam India

    Yatra means a pilgrimage with a religious purpose. Our religion here being “One Health - Health and healthcare access for All’.
    Medical Yatra @ AarogyaSeva is a humanitarian expedition or quest with a group of dedicated, passionate, hard-working, humble enthusiastic, optimistic humanitarians with the goal of “Healing the world one village at a time”.

    The Medical Yatra 2023 will be happen in the world heritage island of Majuli between 14th and 22nd February 2023. 

    14th Feb Arrival in Jorhat and orientation

    15th Camp Day 1 + Health Worker Training 

    16th Camp Day 2 + Cultural Evening,

    17th Camp Day 3 + Traditional Dinner,

    18th Camp Day 4 + Arts and Crafts,

    19th Camp Day 5 + Closing Ceremony

    20th CME Jorhat Medical College

    21st Visit to Kaziranga National Park

    22nd Guwahati and Depart

    This years focus areas will include Cardo-Renal-Metabolic Dsiorders, Mental Health, Primary Care, Breast Cancer Screening, Menstrual Health and Hygiene and Integrative Pain Management

    Why we do it?

    Thousands of villages across India and numerous other countries don’t have even a basic medical clinic and many people barely have the opportunity to be treated by a doctor. In spite of this, many young doctors refuse to serve in rural areas and want nothing to do with government hospitals. Bridging this gap is what Aarogya Seva, headed by its founder-director Dr. Dayaprasad G. Kulkarni is doing on a massive scale. It is a not-for-profit, voluntary and humanitarian organization committed to providing health and healthcare services at low or no cost. The organisation provides a structured platform for a huge volunteer bank of doctors who are willing to contribute their time and service, provided they don’t have to mobilise the community and arrange the logistics. This directly benefits an equally large population that is willing to accept their services. Having worked with many international organisations and NGOs including Doctors Without Borders and in Tsunami-torn Nagapattinam, Aarogya Seva has organized a series of interventions in villages, forested or naxal-afflicted areas, slums, pockets with migrant workers and government schools among others. The Yatra has traveled to over 15 locations so far reaching out to over 100000 beneficiaries.

    Who can do it? 

    Medical and non-medical volunteers typically between the ages of 18-80 volunteer in our missions depending on the skill sets required, nature of the mission, terrain, geography, climatic and safety situations. Each Yatra is unique and a life-changing experience for everyone involved. We solicit certain specialists according to the needs.

    How long are the Yatras?

    Mission length varies generally lasting anywhere between 5 – 15 days. Individual yatras can last for several weeks.

    Medical Volunteers will have their credentials checked and appropriate permissions taken before interactions with patients with the appropriate state and health authorities.

    Typically, the volunteer will cover travel costs, visa processing ( Support letters will be provided) and contribute to food, accommodation and local transport where necessary. (This usually supports the livelihood of local communities that we work with and at times some of the meals may be sponsored by local philanthropist).

    What’s in it for us?

    There is something in it for everyone involved. This is how the world works and we try to make this happen in an ethical, empathetic, and culturally sensitive manner. The Doctors and volunteers have an opportunity to give back and use their most precious skills to serve humanity in places where there probably is no doctor. They also have an opportunity to learn from the local health workers, practitioners and community members about practices and traditions that can be a valuable resource.

    The local partner organizations, community members, health workers get the benefit of support and supplies from the team of highly trained and resourceful yatra community.

    Medical students, junior doctors get to shadow experts as they treat patients diligently.

    The group also gets to immerse itself in the local culture, cuisine and practices, visit local areas of cultural, historical and natural interests. The bonding and relationships that are built during these yatras are meant for life.

    Please register here to reserve your spot and to get further details about the travel schedules, visa assistance, etc. 

    To learn more about the event, sponsor, request for scholarships and research proposals, email yatra@aarogyaseva.org

    Our partners this year include: 



I am really proud to be associated with Aarogya Seva as a volunteer. Participating in volunteering activities to serve the citizens in improving their health gives immense satisfaction to me.

- Rajesh Tovinakere

I was quite impressed by what they were doing in the area of Health and Education for the underprivileged.

This moment made me realize that this is the best way to channelize my little contribution to the needy.

- K. R. Jagadish

I was privileged to be a part of digital enablement for Govt. school kids’ tie-up with BYJU’s and overwhelmed by the facilities extended to rural kids. They have also helped many needy patients, who cannot pay their medical bills.

I wish that you grow and rise, and thankful to Mr. Kote for his vision in social responsibility.

- C. K. Ramesh

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